Puncher Gal!

Drawing from this artist - http://drawcrowd.com/814634713

Glade Centaur

Glade Centaur Concept for Folktale

lady tonal

value study :)

Folktale - Children of the Forest - Concepts

Some concept work for Folktale's gladefolk faction. Little Mage dudes.

afternoon mecha

Study from Luke Mancini / Mr.Jack @ http://mr--jack.deviantart.com/art/Afternoon-Sun-283222638

Monster dudes

some dudes, keep on keepin' on!

Good Day!

Jake Parker design mashup, plus added some stuff. I watched a few of his videos that changed my perspective on some things.. So, here's some Fan Art! Good Day, Sir!


Not sure if he's done, but I'll update it if I decide to work on it more.


may give this guy a body, we'll see.

Don Dragon

Chinese New Year! It's the year of the Horse, but this is a bit more fun. .


tuh ran uh don, always wondered where the P came from.

Landscape - Folktale

Landscape practice :)

Necromancer :)

Concept for Folktale, 3D model ended up changing a bit.


I finally got around to compositing some Life drawings together. Some are older than others. Here is a link to a higher resolution so you can see all my mistakes :)  http://i.imgur.com/50DLkZA.jpg


sketchbook pro is my new goto software for drawing.

Endgame Advisors

Covert-Ops Armoury Advisor

Production Advisor

Diplomacy Advisor

Intelligence Advisor.

This is one of Six Advisors I am creating for the Game. Hes our goto Science guy.